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"A wonderful book for all ages.  Jennifer Atagi touches us deeply with the realization that there is beauty in everyone and all things.  Her book brings a timely message of love and kindness."

Patrick Reed

This book is such a delight to read.  It spreads such a positive and loving message not only for children but anyone who picks it up.  There really is beauty everywhere and Jennifer Atagi helps us see it.  I can't wait to see what else she will publish."

Sandra Davies

It's possible to find the goodness even in impossible times.  This book aids readers in envisioning a better future which motivates you to make things brighter and happy.

S. Carter

Kindness is most important everyday for everyone.  This book is amazing for our children to read and think about kindness and love in their daily activities and interactions.

Elizabeth Dye

Heartwarming read for the entire family.  Stunning illustrations with a beautiful message.

J. Williams

The Beauty We See is so heart-felt and a wonderful statement to grace in our troubled world."

K. Upton

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